“Laughter and Goosebumps-- a comedy show with a KICK and a standing ovation!         An entertaining roller coaster ride with inspiration, education and motivation all rolled into one. We had a blast and still left with specific tools, techniques and simple strategies that we will begin to implement immediately."
                    Power of Peace Productions, Inc.

Kit Cummings Atlanta, GA

Kit is an international speaker, author and teacher. Kit founded the Power of Peace Project, Inc. and created and developed Attitude Science. Kit teaches these timeless, universal principles to a wide variety of audiences and has helped people to break free in some of the toughest places in the world.

Kit’s Forty Days to Freedom series helps individuals to unclutter their minds, fine-tune their focus and create effective habits for success and sustainable results. Kit’s Attitude Science program helps teams to decrease stress, forge unity and develop innovative strategies for greater overall efficiency and productivity.

Kit speaks and teaches about peace, power and positive change all over the world. At conferences and seminars participants are uncovering innate talents, and discovering the untapped power to CHANGE. For a dynamic and entertaining event that your team will never forget, Book Kit today!

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